Fifty Tips for Composing the 21st Century Agreement that Avoids of Court

Where practicing law requires us to wear the clothes of computers and the Web. Attorney bills running $10,000 a month are not unusual in a hotly contested breach of agreement suit. Basic reasoning, therefore, directs us to mindful and thoughtful drafting.

Following these pointers might result in your composing an agreement so clear no one will desire to prosecute it, saving your customer from the trials and tribulations of litigation, genuinely a great reason to write the agreement that stays out of court.
These ideas apply to writing all kinds of agreements: workplace leases, genuine estate agreements, sales arrangements, work agreements, devices leases, prenuptial agreements. These can be used as the beginning point for preparing the contract or as lists of normal arrangements and wording to include in the agreement. They provide a simple method to bring the agreement’s reader (celebration, judge or jury) up to speed on what the agreement is about, who the parties are, why they are signing a contract, etc.